The next issue of Etnofoor is inspired by the central theme of the 2019 Dutch Anthropological Association Day (abv): Futures. In recent years, anthropology has become increasingly interested in the future. The future often figures as an indeterminate time, a time of possibilities and fertile ground for both hopes and anxieties. In other cases, the future is imagined to be certain and alternatives seem foreclosed, fostering a sense of security or despair. The future can seem like both a radical departure from or a repetition of the present or past, for instance. These and other futures do not simply arise, but are actively shaped, contested, or denied, both in and outside of academic and political arenas. Anthropologists are well-suited to explore both the affective orientations of the future and its implications in the present. We welcome papers on the (re)production and implications of future hopes, fears, and orientations, related to, for example, decolonization, (in)equality, climate change, the changing world order, end-of-the-world scenarios, technological innovation, or the position of younger generations.

In the upcoming issue of Etnofoor we seek to explore a wide range of questions concerning the future. How do imaginings of the future take shape? What role do the past and the present play in imagining the future? Or vice versa, how does the future change our renderings of the past? How do hopes for or anxieties of certain futures shape contemporary life? How do certain futures become nourished, anticipated, feared, challenged, or deemed foreclosed or inevitable? And what methodological approaches and techniques can we use to research ‘futures’?

Etnofoor invites authors that engage with these issues, either in the form of an ethnographic case study, from a methodological, theoretical or more practical perspective, or as a book or literature review, to submit an abstract of no more than 200 words to before November 8, 2019. We also welcome creative contributions (e.g. photo essays, strips). The deadline for authors of accepted abstracts to submit their full paper is February 14, 2020.