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Introduction 7
Marleen de Witte and Martijn Oosterbaan
Soviet Gold as Sign and Value 15
Anthropological Musings on Literary Texts as Cultural Artifacts
Veronica Davidov
A Snake in the Hole 31
Possibilities and Risks of Artisanal Gold Mining in Southeastern Senegal
Philip Cartelli
Native Gold, Precious Beads, and the Dynamics of Concealed Power in Akan Beliefs and Practices 49
Suzanne Gott
Wearing Gold, Owning Gold 79
The Multiple Meanings of Gold Jewelry 
Annelies Moors
A Superlative Form 91
How Gold Mediates Personhood and Property in Mumbai 
Ajay Gandhi
In Conversation: Taste 111
Complexities of Taste 
Carolyn Korsmeyer
Forthcoming Issue: The Netherlands Now 117