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issue contents page 14 (1) Editorial Themed Environments Suburbs and the Middle Class in Bangkok Timothy Simpson (abstract) Defending the Suburban Dream Gated Communities in Calabasas, Califomia Joost Zonneveld (abstract) Strange Distance Reading Walden in Suburbia Jenny Cool (abstract) The Indian Middle Class and Residential Space The Suburb as the Abode of the ‘Educated’ Margit […]


issue contents page 13 (2) Editorial Monetization and Social Life Viviana A. Zelizer (abstract) A Palace for a Penny Private Property and Ritual Transactions in Post-Socialist Poland Longina Jakubowska (abstract) Coins for Blood and Blood for Coins From Sacrifice to Ritual Murder in the South African Lowveld, 1930-2000 Isak Niehaus (abstract) The Price of a […]


issue contents page 13 (1) Editorial The Berserk Style in Post-Vietnam America Kirby Farrell (abstract) To Hunt the Black Shaman The Great Purge in East Siberia Heonik Kwon (abstract) Catastrofes en hemelse helpers Notities en beelden Jojada Verrips (abstract) The Disease of Immorality Narrating Aids as ‘Sign ofthe Times’ in Middle-class Nairobi Rachel Sprank (abstract) […]


issue contents page 12 (2) Editorial Amália Some Reflections on the Death of a Portuguese Star Mattijs van de Port (abstract) Pir Sahib Altaf Hussein Spot en parodie in een Pakistaanse persoonlijkheidscultus Oskar Verkaaik (abstract) A Kingly Cult Thailand’s Guiding Lights in a Dark Era Irene Stengs (abstract) Diana Death of a Media-Styled Secular Saint […]


issue contents page 12 (1) Editorial L’ enfant terrible Anthropology and its Aversion to Children Lawrence A. Hirschfeld (abstract) Why Chi1dren Should be Central to Anthropological Research Christina Toren (abstract) ‘It Hurts’ Children’s Cultural Learning About Everyday Illness Pia Haudrup Christensen (abstract) The Magical Power of Words About Children, Their Conflicts and Their Bodies Suzanne […]


issue contents page 11 (2) Editorial Die Kraft des Tratschens Versuch einer Definition Julia Harnberger Roddelen en de verbale constructie van gemeenschap Alex Strating Gossip in Henningsvær Randi Andreassen Mu ‘nuk jbankil to, mu ‘nuk kajvaltik: ‘He is not my older brother, he is not Our Lord.’ Thirty years of gossip in a Chiapas village […]


issue contents page 11 (1) Editorial The Double Nature of Collecting Materialism and Anti-Materialism RusselI W Belk, University of Utah (abstract) Nobody’s Objects Early-19th Century Ethnographical Collections and the Formation of Imperialist Attitudes and Feelings Susan Legêne, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (abstract) On Collecting as Play, Creativity and Aesthetic Practice Bjarne Rogan, University of Oslo […]


issue contents page 9 (2) Editorial Anthropology and/as Travel James Clifford Anthropology as a Science Josep R. Llobera Anthropology as Advocacy Gerrit Huizer Antropologie als studie van het bedrijfsleven uitverkoop, overleven of een juweel van een kans? Willem Koot Anthropology as Pilgrimage Jill Dubisch Anthropology as Performance Saskia Kersenboom Making Sense of Culture Anthropology as […]


issue contents page 9 (1) Editorial On Materiality Gosewijn van Beek Why It’s Safer to Build on Concrete Than Epistemology A Comment on ‘On Materiality’ by Gosewijn van Beek Daniel Miller All-Consuming Faith Language, Material Culture and WorldTransformation among Protestant Evangelieals Siman Coleman What’s (the) Matter? Objects, Materiality, and Interpretability Maruska Svasek Money as Matter […]


issue contents page 8 (2) Editorial The Secular Production of Religion Peter van der Veer Contesting the Protestant Nation Calvinists and Catholies in the Netherlands Peter van Rooden Religious Migrants in Secular Britain? The Secular State as an Agent of Religious Encorporation Gerd Baumann Magic, Mermaids and Modernity The Attraction of Pentecostalism in Africa Birgit […]


issue contents page 8 (1) Ten Geleide Oxymorons and Short-Circuits in the Re-Enchantment of the World The Case of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Thomas J. Csardas ‘The Beast of the Revelation’ American Fundamentalist Christianity and the European Union Orestis Lindermayer ‘Wake the Flame Inside Us’ .Magie, Healing and the Enterprise Culture in Contemporary Britain Susan […]


issue contents page 7 (2) Ten Geleide De klemmen van de lust De ontwikkeling van het plezier sinds de seksuele revolutie Gert Hekma Notes and Queries on Sexual Excitement in Sambia Culture Gilbert Herdt ‘Bisnis’, mannelijkheid en seks Dilemma’s en strategieën van heteroseksuele bisnisjongens in de baan- en straatprostitutie Paul van Gelder The Secrets behind […]