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issue abstracts   13 (2) Monetization and Social Life Viviana A. Zelizer In her article Viviane Zelizer reviews the state of the art of sociological and anthropological contributions to the study of money. She focuses on the related processes of monetization and commodification in relation to the social and cultural context. Three questions figure prominently […]


issue abstracts   13 (1) The Berserk Style in Post-Vietnam America Kirby Farrell Kirby Farrell discusses how in the decades following the debacle of US involvement in the Vietnam war, the occasional rampage of a returning soldier from Vietnam (popularly known as ‘going berserk’) could become a model for a whole set of different cultural […]


issue abstracts   12 (2) Amália Some Reflections on the Death of a Portuguese Star Mattijs van de Port In his contribution on the recently deceased singer of the Portuguese fado, Amalia Rodrigues, Mattijs van de Port analyses the many eulogies that appeared in the Portuguese media for the woman `who made Portuguese mothers cry’. […]


issue abstracts   12 (1) L’enfant terrible Anthropology and its Aversion to Children Lawrence Hirschfeld Lawrence Hirschfeld opens the issue with an examination of what he calls `the aversion of anthropology to children’. He states that this aversion goes hand in hand with anthropology’s neglect of psychological explanations of cultural learning. If we are interested […]


issue abstracts   11 (1) The Double Nature of Collecting Materialism and Anti-Materialism RusselI W Belk, University of Utah RusselI W. Belk opens the issue with a discussion on ‘the double nature of collecting’, as collecting has both a materialistic and an anti-materialistic dimension. He argues that collecting involves many aspects that can be construed […]


issue abstracts   10 (1/2) Outstanding Musicians & the Stranger Within. Reflections on Serb Perceptions of Gypsy Music Mattijs van de Port Mattijs van de Port discusses the attribution of musical talent to society’s others, more particularly the gypsies in Serpia. The widespread belief that gypsy musicians deliver a more ‘soulful’ interpretation of Serbian folk […]


issue abstracts   20 (2) Daydreaming Between Dusk and Dawn Orvar Löfgren & Billy Ehn The play of light and dark from dusk to dawn produces rich ituations for daydreaming. This paper explores such terrains of everyday fantasies, drawing on a larger, ongoing study of daydreaming as a cultural practice. Taking the Scandinavian experience with […]


issue contents page 21 (2) Editorial How to Make the State Listen Indigenous Violence, State Fears and Everyday Politics in Peru Michael Kent Moving to the ‘Dark Side’ Fear and Thrills in Cape Town, South Africa Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard Itinerary of No Mercy Roundtrip San Salvador – Los Angeles Juan Carlos Narváez Gutiérrez Fear, Politics […]