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The City 28(2)

Contents Articles can be downloaded here at Jstor. Introduction: The Contested Making of the City Luuk Slooter and Tessa Diphoorn 7 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants? Anthropology and the City Gareth A. Jones and Dennis Rodgers 13 Beyond Unrest Changing Masculinities and Moral Becoming in an African Urban Market Anna Baral 33 Temple Building […]


issue contents page 20 (2) Editorial Daydreaming Between Dusk and Dawn Orvar Löfgren & Billy Ehn (abstract) Life After Dark in Kwahu Tafo Sjaak van der Geest (abstract) Testing Nightscapes. African Pentecostal. Politics of the Nocturnal Rijk van Dijk (abstract) Bangalore @ Night. Indian IT Professionals and the Global Clock Ticking Michiel Baas (abstract) To […]


issue contents page 20 (1) Editorial Cyberkurds and Cyberkinetics Pilgrimage in an Age of Virtual Mobility Shailoh Phillips (abstract) Walking Middle Passage History in Reverse Interfaith Pilgrimage, Virtual Communitas and World-Recathexis Peter Sutherland (abstract) Pilgrimage in Mediaspace Continuities and Transformations Nick Couldry (abstract) Emotive Movement on the Road to Santiago de Compostela Mexican Futurities Evoked […]


issue contents page 19 (2) Editorial Tamil Wedding Souvenirs of Predictive Love: Future Memories in South India Roos Gerritsen (abstract) An Ecology of Prospects Time and Nature in Dutch Landscapes Maarten Onneweer (abstract) Exclusive Visions of an Inclusive City Professionals and the Mediation of Multicultural Urban Space in Riobamba, Ecuador Christien Klaufus (abstract) ‘Teotihuamart’ Mexican […]


issue contents page 19 (1) Editorial Romantic Love and Anthropology Charles Lindholm (abstract) Mass Media and Gender Equality The Empowering Message of Romantic Love in Telenovelas Janneke Verheijen (abstract) What’s Love Got To Do With It? The Intimate Relationships of Dakarois Girls Anouka van Eerdewijk (abstract) Love When Love Could Not Be An Example of […]


issue contents page 18 (2) Introduction: In the Company of Retired Dutch ‘Masters’ in Anthropology Jojada Verrips and Alex Strating A Stickier for Words: An Interview with André J.F. Köbben. Alex Strating and Jojada Verrips Matthew Schoffeleers: Anthropologist and Priest Birgit Meyer and Ria Reis An Outsider Looking in: Jeremy Boissevain Rob van Cinkel and […]


issue contents page 18 (1) Introduction: Ear to Ear, Nose to Nose, Skin to Skin The Senses in Comparative Ethnographic Perspective Regina Bendix (abstract) Sensing Nature Encountering the World in Hunting Garry Marvin (abstract) Seeing in Motion and the Touching Eye Walking over Scotland’s Mountains Katrin Lund (abstract) Race, Place and Taste Making Identities through […]


issue contents page 17 (1/2) Editorial Registers of 1ncontestability The Quest for Authenticity in Academia and Beyond Mattijs van de Port (abstract) ‘Defending our Honor’ Authenticity and the Framing of Resistance in the Iraqi Sunni Town of Falluja Roel Meijer (abstract) Purity and Transgression Sacred Violence and the Quest for Authenticity Oskar Verkaaik (abstract) The […]


issue contents page 16 (2) Editorial ‘It Is Just a Fashion!’ Linking Homosexuality and ‘Modernity’ in South Africa Graeme Reid (abstract) Ephemeral Memorials Against Senseless Violence: Materialisations of Public Outcry Irene Stengs (abstract) Islam and Fashion on the Streets of San’a, Yemen Annelies Moors (abstract) Apuskeleke Youth Fashion Craze, Immorality or Female Harassment? Brigid M. […]


issue contents page 16 (1) Editorial Polygyny and the Rural Accumulation of Capital Testing a Model Based on Continuing Research in Northern Nigeria Paul Clough (abstract) Stepfamilies in Cultural Context Problems in Middle-Class U.S. Stepfamilies David Jacobson (abstract) Witchcraft as the Dark Side of Kinship Dilemmas of Social Security in New Contexts Peter Geschiere (abstract) […]


issue contents page 15 (1/2) Editorial Our Split Screens Sherry Turkle (abstract) Haptic Screens and Our Corporeal Eye Jojada Verrips (abstract) Cyberculture or Material Culture? Computers and the Social Space of Work Anna McCarthy (abstract) Not Being There Meg MacLagan (abstract) Displays and Displacements Some Thoughts on the Uses of Interactive Screens and How They […]


issue contents page 14 (2) Editorial Démasqué Ferdinand de Jong (abstract) Islam and lts Others Sakaraboutou as ‘Masquerade’ in Bondoukou (Cóte d’Ivoire) Karel Arnaut (abstract) Masked Enemies Resistance and Protest in a Sherpa Community Yolanda van Ede (abstract) The Carnavalizing of Race Rachel Sussman (abstract) A White and a Black Mask The Religious Play of […]