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issue contents page 01 (1) TEN GELEIDE APRIL FOOL AND APRIL FISH. Towards a Theory of Ritual Pranks Alan Dundes ‘I AM PURE, YOU ARE POLLUTED! WHO IS CLEAN AND WHO IS DIRTY?’ Humor in Ritual Behaviour among Marathi Speakers in India Mahadev L. Apte ACROSS THE PALE PARABOLA OF JOY Thomas Crump HOLISME EN […]


issue abstracts   20 (2) Daydreaming Between Dusk and Dawn Orvar Löfgren & Billy Ehn The play of light and dark from dusk to dawn produces rich ituations for daydreaming. This paper explores such terrains of everyday fantasies, drawing on a larger, ongoing study of daydreaming as a cultural practice. Taking the Scandinavian experience with […]


issue abstracts   20 (1) Cyberkurds and Cyberkinetics Pilgrimage in an Age of Virtual Mobility Shailoh Phillips In this exploration, I pose that the Internet activity of diasporic Kurds can be understood in terms of a cyberkinetic pilgrimage. Using the Issue Crawler to chart this virtual realm indicates that an online Kurdish issue network connects […]


issue abstracts   19 (2) Editorial We were a bit hesitant putting the ugly neologism ‘landscaping’ on the cover of one of our issues. Couldn’t we simply be discussing ‘landscapes’? Fact is that the contributions in this issue – almost all papers presented in a session at the biannual conference of the Dutch Anthropological Association […]


issue abstracts   19 (1) Romantic Love and Anthropology Charles Lindholm, Boston Uinversity Westerners generally understand romantic love as a compelling emotional attraction to an idealized other. The Western notion of romantic love is spreading worldwide, while simultaneously theorists argue that romance is losing its authority due to the conditions of post-modernity. This paper seeks […]


issue abstracts   18 (1) Introduction: Ear to Ear, Nose to Nose, Skin to Skin The Senses in Comparative Ethnographic Perspective Regina Bendix Interest in understanding the cultural dimensions of sensory perception has been rising since the 1980s. As in early explorations of the senses, combinations of scholarly and poetic approaches appear to resonate most […]


issue abstracts   17 (1/2) Registers of 1ncontestability The Quest for Authenticity in Academia and Beyond Mattijs van de Port This essay critically examines the tendency in anthropology to deconstruct claims of ‘authenticity’ wherever and however they are mentioned. The author argues that constructivist approaches to reality tend to overlook the fact that most people […]


issue abstracts   16 (2) ‘It Is Just a Fashion!’ Linking Homosexuality and ‘Modernity’ in South Africa Graeme Reid This paper explores the conceptual links between gay lifestyles and local understand­ings of modernity in South Africa . This is done through an analysis of the term ‘fashion’ as it is commonly used to describe gay […]


issue abstracts   16 (1) Polygyny and the Rural Accumulation of Capital Testing a Model Based on Continuing Research in Northern Nigeria Paul Clough This paper tests the analysis of fieldwork in northern Nigeria between 1977 and 1985, by reference to more recent fieldwork in 1996 and 1998. Based on the evidence I argued that […]


issue abstracts   15 (1/2) Our Split Screens Sherry Turkle These days, we are actors in a wide variety of computational landscapes – for example, we put ourselves in the virtual spaces of simulation games and create representations of ourselves in virtual communities on the Internet. Such involvements have complex ‘identity effects’. At the same […]


issue abstracts   14 (2) Démasqué Ferdinand de Jong In his article, Ferdinand de long describes and analyses the Kankurang masquerade, which is the ultimate secret of the Mandinko initiation in South Senegal. Yet, there are many examples of violent confrontations between the Kankurang mask’s guardians and individuals who presumably violate or desecrate the mask. […]


issue abstracts   14 (1) Themed Environments Suburbs and the Middle Class in Bangkok Timothy Simpson In his contribution, Timothy Simpson seeks to document and analyze the emergence and popularity of ‘themed environments’ in Bangkok and their role in Thai middleclass and suburban lifestyles. Thailand ‘s themed environments, such as restaurants, shopping malls, and historic […]