Volume 35, Issue 1

Vinzenz Bäumer Escobar and Nikki Mulder

Keeping the Spectre of Dependence at Bay
How Debt Preserved Dignity in Rural South Africa during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Magnus Godvik Ekeland

‘Thinking Too Much’
Making Visible the Moral Economy that Sustains Over-indebtedness in Rural Cambodia
Dalia Iskander, Vincent Guermond, Katherine Brickell

Visions of Growth
Agricultural NGOs, Loans, and Indebtedness in Western Kenya
Miriam Waltz

The Undebted
An Analysis of the Exclusion of Syrian Refugees from Debt in Turkey
Can Cinar

Moral Contours of Migrant Subjectivity
Indebtedness and ‘Giving Back’ among Newcomers in Germany
Saara Toukoletho

Depicting Debtors
Mathias Sosnowski Krabbe

Book review

  • Non-Performing Loans, Non-Performing People: Life and Struggle with Mortgage Debt in Spain (2022), by Melissa Garcia-Lamarca.
    Review by: Balázs Gosztonyi

In Conversation about Hunting-Gathering

  • Hunting and Gathering Practices of the Anthropocene
    Pierre L. du Plessis