Volume 33, Issue 1

A Cultural Critique on Vanity
Eva van Roekel and Thijs Schut

Displays of Vanity on Instagram
A Reflection on the Making of Instaworthy
Marije Peute and Annemarije Rus

The Fall
Male Vanity in Politics
Lynda Dematteo

‘Vanity as World-Making’
Voluntary Homelessness in Search of Meaning
Luisa T. Schneider

‘The British People Are Not Stupid’
Collective Vanity and Populist Myths of Communal Intellect
Chris Farrell

‘Let’s Talk About Me – 101’
Epistemological Vanity in Anthropology and Society
Andrew Dawson

Vanity in Anthropology
About the Art of Showing through Non-Showing
Sjaak van der Geest

Book review

  • Selfishness and Selflessness: New Approaches to Understanding Morality (2020), edited by Linda L. Layne.
    Review by: Irene Moretti

In Conversation

  • In conversation about SEX…?
    Rachel Spronk