Volume 35, Issue 2

Guest Editorial: Memories of 35 Years of Etnofoor
The Etnofoor Mycelium: Threads of Commitment, Threads of Friendship
Irene Stengs

Thick Connections – Reimagining Roots in Anthropology
Gijs Cremers and Annemiek Prins

The ‘X’ in Alex Haley
Reflections on Roots, Race, and Kinship
Peter Pels

‘Pulled from the Clay’
On the Datafication and Racialisation of Roots in the Dutch Art of Governance
Gerwin van Schie

At Home in the Ancestral Landscape
Uncovering the Lifeworld of Roots Journeys
Solène Prince and Katherine Burlingame

Rooting the Coptic Diaspora
Mediating Familiarity and Adapting Churches in The Netherlands
Matija Miličić

Rooting Pigs in a Plural Landscape
Human and Porcine Place-making in the Spanish Dehesa
Maike Melles

‘Their Love for Me was Too Strong’
Roots, Death, and Ancestral Land in Paiwan Mourning Rituals
Jarrod Sim

Book Review

  • Black Man in the Netherlands: An Afro-Antillean Anthropology (2022), by Francio Guadeloupe.
    Review by: Niek van de Pas

In Conversation about Debt

  • Status, Solidarity, and Stigma
    Joost Beuving and Luuk van Kempen