The Sea

Volume 27, Issue 1

The Sea as an Eminently Human Affair
Markus Balkenhol and Michiel Swinkels

Thalassographies of Departure, Disaster and Rescue
Fishermen and Undocumented Mobility
Heidrun Friese

Negotiating the Indian Ocean
Opportunities in the Process of Recovery in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka
Arvid van Dam

Living on the Edge
The Resilience of Marginal Beings in Environmentally Precarious Times
Luciana Lang

Religion under Water
Jojada Verrips

Placating the Sea Goddess
Analysis of a Fisher Ritual in Tamil Nadu, India
Maarten Bavinck

The Social Life of Sea-Cucumbers in Madagascar
Migrant Fishers’ Household Objects and Display of a Marine Ethos
Frank Muttenzer

Humpback Johannes (a.k.a. Johanna)
A Dutch Tragicomedy Featuring a Hyperreal Whale
Rob van Ginkel

When Participation Begins With an Occupation
Some Thoughts on the Revolt Against the Neoliberal University of Amsterdam
Oskar Verkaaik