Volume 26, Issue 1

Engaging with Borders
Erella Grassiani and Michiel Swinkels

Trading Against the State
II/legal Cross-Border Networks in the Russian Far East
Tobias Holzlehner

Four Days, Eighteen Months, and Five Years
West African Migrants Crossing the Border between Libya and Malta
Agnethe Overgaard

Borderline Temporalities and Security Anticipations
Standing Guard in Tel Aviv
Natalie Konopinski

Rhythms of a Transnational Marriage
Temporal Topologies of Borders in a Knowledge Migrant Family
Lauren Wagner

National Borders and Emotions in Italian Youths’ Views on Immigration
Flavia Cangià and Camilla Pagani

States, Borders and the State of Exception
Framing the Unauthorised Migrant in Europe
Patrick Hönig

Mundane Mobilities in ‘Post-Socialist’ Sofia
Making Urban Borders Visible
Milena Komarova

In Conversation: The Netherlands Now

  • Reflections on The Netherlands Now
    Nancy Jouwe