Volume 26, Issue 2

Citizenship, Democracy and Responsibilization
Dorien Zandbergen and Rivke Jaffe

When Participation Begins with a ‘NO’
How Some Costa Ricans Realized Direct Democracy by Contesting Free Trade
Jeremy Rayner

Producing Healthy Citizens
Encouraging Participation in Ladies-Only Kickboxing
Jasmijn Rana

Bridging the Cap in the Dutch Participation Society
New Spaces of Governance, Brokers, and Informal Politics
Martijn Koster

On Citizen Participation in Crime Control
Henk Elffers

Participatory Governance
The Case for Allotment
Josine Blok

Governed Borders
Power, Projects and Unequal Mobilities
Josiah Heyman

The Centripetal Dimension of the EU’s External Border Regime
Huub van Baar