Volume 29, Issue 1

Thijs Schut and Erella Grassiani

Testing Freedom
Ontological Considerations
Moises Lino e Silva and Huon Wardle

Freedom in Dementia Care?
On Becoming Better Bound to the Nursing Home
Annelieke Driessen, Ilse van der Klift and Kristine Krause

Vision, Visibility, and ‘the Art of Acting Thai’
Migrants’ Navigation of the Thai-Burmese Borderlands
Frida Bjørneseth

Freedom, Surveillance and the Public/Private Divide on the Waterways of South East England
Benjamin Oliver Leonard Bowles

‘To Separate from the Umbilical Cord of Society’
Freedom as Dependence and Independence in Hungarian Ecovillages
Judit Farkas

The Freedom of Anthropological Fieldwork
Sjaak van der Geest

Book review

  • The Freedom Schools Student Activists in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement by Jon N. Hale
    Review by: Noëlle J. Steneker