Volume 28, Issue 1

Humour and anthropology
Michiel Swinkels and Anouk de Koning

‘Down With Some Things!’
The Politics of Humour and Humour as Politics in Turkey’s Gezi Protests
Mahiye Seçil Daǧtaş

‘Pushing the Edge’ of Race and Gender Hegemonies through Stand-up Comedy
Performing Slavery as Anti-racist Critique
Katja Antoine

Uncomfortable Laughter
Reflections on Violence, Humour and Immorality in Argentina
Eva van Roekel

Humour and Humility
Narratives of Modernity on Nukulaelae Atoll
Niko Besnier

Humour and Lying
Male Sociality among Coastal Sinhalese
Maurice Said

Humour in the Negotiations of Social Identity in the Tongan Diaspora
Elisabeth Betz and Toon van Meijl

Scatological Children’s Humour
Notes from the Netherlands and Anywhere
Sjaak van der Geest

Humour Matters
Henk Driessen

In conversation: Security

  • Some Thoughts on the Critical Anthropology of Security
    Daniel M. Goldstein