Volume 31, Issue 1

Tessa Diphoorn and Eva van Roekel

Friend or Foe?
A Reflection on the Ethno-Politics of Friendship and Ethnographic Writing in Anthropological Practice
Fiona Murphy

Being Care-ful Among Friends
The Ambiguities of Friendship in Exile
Emilie L. Mortensen

Living with Ambivalent Friendships
Insecurity and (Dis)trust among Youth in Uganda
Claire Elisabeth Dungey

Hot Topics, Gringo Parties, and the Dependent Independence of Friendship in the Field
Daniela Lazoroska

Photo essay

  • The Way We Were
    From Summer to Winter, Winter to Spring, Time Will Change Us and We Will Change Over Time
    Coco Duivenvoorde

‘I Only Relax with my Friend and my Wife’
Between Friends and Family in Swakopmund, Namibia
Jack Boulton

‘In Friendship One Does Not Count Such Things’
Friendship and Money in War-Torn Yemen
Marina de Regt

Friends and Favours
Friendship as Care at the ‘More-Than-Neoliberal’ University
Carolina Frossard and Thijs Jeursen

Book review

  • Tourism and Informal Encounters in Cuba by Valerio Simoni
    Review by: Alexander Chaplin

In conversation: Race-ism

  • Sharing an Imperfect Struggle
    Jordi Halfman