Volume 30, Issue 2

Luuk Slooter and Erella Grassiani

Tracing Pasts and Colonial Numbness
Decolonial Dynamics in the Netherlands
Sherilyn Deen

Remembering the Anthropological Making of Race in Today’s University
An Analysis of a Students’ Memorial Project in Berlin
Thiago Pinto Barbosa, Owen Brown, Julia Kirchner and Julia Scheurer

Entangling the Migration and the Economic ‘Crisis’
Claiming What’s Rightfully Greek
Marilena Drymioti and Vassilis Gerasopoulos


  • Anthropology Should Never Be Fully Decolonized…
    Peter Pels
  • The Continuous Decolonization of Anthropology
    The Case of Muslims in Europe
    Jasmijn Rana
  • Paying Attention to ‘Spanish Radio Stations’ in the Netherlands
    An Essay on the Potential of Urban Popular Culture as Anti-racism
    Francio Guadeloupe
  • On the Primacy of the Eye
    Amplifying Islam, Racism, and the Senses
    Pooyan Tamimi Arab

Book review

  • Smash the Pillars. Decoloniality and the Imaginary of Color in the Netherlands by Weiner, Melissa F. and Antonio Carmona Báez
    Review by: Markus Balkenhol

In conversation: Stories

  • Storytelling and the Construction of Realities
    Paul Stoller