Volume 32, Issue 1

Lex Kuiper and Luuk Slooter

The Anthropology of the Future
Rebecca Bryant

Between Dwelling and Displacement
A Study of Time Amidst the Uncertainty of Planning
Chitra Sangtani

Material Para-Sites
Lateral Future-Making in Times of Fragility
Anna Lisa Ramella

Marriage, Displacement and Refugee Futures
Marriage as Aspiration among Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Dina Zbeidy

Evolution, Revolution and the New Man
An Ethnographic Investigation into Microchipping, Human Augmentation and Building New Futures
Eric J W Orlowski

Your guts Tell(s) You It’s Time
How an Anthropology of the Future May Look at Stress
Peter Pels

‘The Last Funded Artist’
Imagining Futures through Ethnographic Science Fiction
Kayla Rush

On Futures
Multi-Modal Reflections on Studying the Anthropology of the Future
Silke Baas, Louisanne van Hooff, Weera Koopman, Alexandra Michelle Lopez, Julie McBrien and Naomi Veenhoven

In Conversation: The Village

  • Anthropology Has a Village Problem
    A View from Somewhere
    David Henig

In Memory of André J.F. Köbben
Frank Bovenkerk, Lodewijk Brunt and Henk Tromp