Volume 32, Issue 2

Let’s (not) Talk about Sex
Tessa Diphoorn and Erella Grassiani

Researching in Silence
Attention and Ethical Issues in Sexual Encounters in a Public Toilet
Maycon Lopes

‘Sex is like a brick wall’
Sex as an Ethical Affordance within the Moderate Conservatism of Russian Baptists
Igor Mikeshin

Migrant Women of a Certain Age
Midlife Searches for Self, Love, and Sex among Romanian Women in Rome
Dumitriţa Luncă

She Pricked Thee
Hijras Fucking Men in Rural India
Vaibhav Saria

Camp at the Salon
Anthropological Sense-Making with a Wink
Max Schnepf

Between Vice and Virtue
Sex Work, Stigma, and Transactional Relationships in Phnom Penh’s Hostess Bar Scene
Maxime van Boven and Michiel Verver

Book review

  • Kenyan, Christian, Queer Religion, LGBT Activism, and Arts of Resistance in Africa (2019) by Adriaan van Klinken
    Review by: Lieke L. Schrijvers

In conversation: Futures

  • Analytics for the Future
    Felix Ringel