Volume 22, Issue 1

Something Borrowed, Something New? Practices and Politics of Imitation
Petra Tjitske Kalshoven and Andrew Whitehouse

Anthropology and Its Embodiments
19th Century Museum Ethnography and the Re-enactment of Indigenous Knowledges
Gwyneira Isaac

Making Thinking Visible
The Method of Copying
Patricia Cain

Things in the Making
Playing with Imitation
Petra Tjitske Kalshoven

Disabling as Mimesis and Alterity
Making Humanoid Robots at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kathleen Richardson

Non-Representational Mimesis
Grönemeyer with Plato
Jan Söffner

My Boss
Insincerity, Capitalism and Development in PNG
Will Rollason

Metropolitan and Traditional
An Exploration of the Semantics in Contemporary Indian Arts Discourse
Aurogeeta Das

In conversation: Writing culture

  • The Self-Reflective Turn in Ethnography: From Dialogue to Narcissism?
    Peter Geschiere