New Savages

Volume 22, Issue 2

Erratum: Metropolitan and Traditional
An Exploration of the Semantics in Contemporary Indian Arts Discourse


Mi-Sauvage, Mi-Barbare
The Modern Politics of Berber Autochthony
Paul A. Silverstein

Wild Man at Europe’s Gates
The Crafting of Clandestines in Spain’s Cayuco Crisis
Ruben Andersson

The Other’s Other
Nurturing the Bodies of ‘Wild’ People among the Trio of Southern Suriname
Vanessa Elisa Grotti and Marc Brightman

The Changing Aesthetics of Savagery
Slavery, Belonging, and Post-Colonial Melancholia in the Netherlands
Markus Balkenhol

The Untamed Image of the Perfect Savage
Bram Wicherink

Cosmopolitan Savages
The Challenging Art of Selling African Culture to Tourists
Vanessa Wijngaarden

Book review

  • Ordinary Genomes: Science, Citizenship, and Genetic Identities by Karen-Sue Taussig
    Review by: Amade M’charek

In conversation: Imitation

  • Reflections on Imitation
    Ethnographic Knowledge, Popular Culture, and Capitalist Economy
    David Chidester