Volume 23, Issue 2

Violence Operators: Between State and Non-State Actors
Erella Grassiani and Eyal Ben-Ari

Violence against Violence
In Search of Security and Justice
Carolien Jacobs and Christy Schuetze

Building a Nation under Occupation
Fragmented Sovereignty, Security Sector Reform, and the Issue of Legitimacy in the Context of Occupation
Martijn Dekker

Conflicting States
Violent Politics in North Maluku, Indonesia
Anna-Karina Hermkens and Jaap Timmer

(Un)imagining the State
Guatemalan Lynchings and the Erosion of the State’s Monopoly of Violence
Gavin Weston

Stronger than the State?
Maria Vivod

In Conversation: Architecture

  • On Human Builders, Human Dwellers, and Their Buildings
    Oscar Verkaaik
  • False Friends
    Architectural History and Anthropology
    Hans Ibelings