Volume 23, Issue 1


Arquitectura de Remesas
‘Demonstration Effect’ in Latin American Popular Architecture
Christien Klaufus

The Architecture of Stability
Monasteries and the Importance of Place in a World of Non-Places
R.D.G. Irvine

Creolization Theory and the Odyssey of the Atlantic Linear Cottage
Jay D. Edwards

Global Connections and Local Politics at the Mega Mall, Astana
Mateusz Laszczkowski

Toward an Archeology of Architecture
An Experiment in Photowriting
Dennis Tedlock

‘We Are Proud of this Tower’
Health and High-Rises in Inner-City Johannesburg
Emilie Venables

Place in Vertical Space
The Rising Skyline in the Urban Environment and the Primacy of Place
Jane Boyd

The End of the Vernacular
Anthropology and the Architecture of the Other
Marcel Vellinga

Book review

  • The Japanese House: Material Culture in the Modern Home by Inge Daniels
    Review by: Margarita Winkel

In conversation: Imitation

  • Imitation, Contestation and Competition
    Authentication Strategies in Media-Driven Society
    Irene Stengs

In conversation: New Savages

  • Some Notes on (New) Savages and Savagery
    Jojada Verrips